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Then unplug power transformer for credit card, wait thirty seconds and plug back in.

Then machine is in a low or no cell service area. A high-power antenna needs to be added.

Then the orange, green and white wires need to be securely fastened to the timer, rewire connection endings and replace to same terminals on timer.

Then check to make sure all wire ending connections are secure and on the correct terminals. If the problem continues, the coin mechanism switch and wire will need to be replaced.

Then loosen the 7 smaller nuts on the left side on the coin mechanism, coins should fall through. Tighten all nuts and place back on the two studs.

Then replace the black rubber washer around the valve stem releaser at the end of the air hose whip.

Then check for any rips or kinks in the air hose. Make sure all connections are tight from the compressor to the end of the hose whip and inflator.

Then check vacuum hose to ensure that there are no rips or anything clogging the hose. If the problem continues, replace the vacuum door gasket and remove any trash from inside the vacuum.